CJHL announces Standing Committees for 2020-21 campaign

CALGARY, Alta. — The Canadian Junior Hockey League (CJHL) has announced the formation of a number of committees for the 2020-21 season, to assist in the overall operation of the CJHL as well as its 10-member leagues and their 135 junior A clubs nationally.

Guiding the CJHL for the 2020-21 campaign,  will be Chair of the Board Kevin Abrams (CCHL), along with the executive committee of Ryan Bartoshyk (AJHL), Robert Mazzuca (NOJHL) and Bill Chow (SJHL).

Also serving on the CJHL Board are the remaining, CJHL member league Commissioners and Presidents: Chris Hebb (BCHL); Kevin Saurette (MJHL); Darrin Nicholas (SIJHL); Marty Savoy (OJHL); Kevin Figsby (LHJAAAQ) and Steve Dykeman (MHL).

In all, 12 separate committees have been formed to aid in formulating various initiatives, programs and plans for the overall day-to-day operation of the CJHL.

This includes working closely with Hockey Canada and the National Hockey League in furthering its development, relationship, and partnership with both organizations, as well as junior programs throughout Canada.

The Committees formed,  will focus on key areas  of operation within the CJHL, including competition, player safety, diversity, and educational programs, along with its national and regional events such as the CJHL Prospects Game, Fred Page Cup, Dudley-Hewitt Cup, ANAVET Cup and the Doyle Cup.

There will also be additional committees working on CJHL awards and properties as well as finance, communications, special projects and interests.

The overall goal of all these respective committees is to help further develop and grow the CJHL nationally, while expanding its role in the many facets of the game, both on and off the ice to better the experience for our athletes.

CJHL president Brent Ladds offered: “At the end of the day, we are hockey people, and bringing in subject experts, to assist with key areas of our programming, will assist in achieving our most important goal, which is to create a more productive environment for our players, both on and off the ice. I was extremely impressed with the enthusiasm shown by the people we reached out to, to lend their expertise.”

Assisting the CJHL in their initiative will be individuals known within the communications, education, and social issues field. They include:

Jermain Franklin, (TSN) Diversity Consultant
Michael Hirshfeld, (NHLCA) Diversity Consultant
Paul Carson, (Hockey Canada) Player Education Consultant
Johnathan Caleof, (U Ottawa) Player Education Consultant
Vern Stenlund, (U Windsor) Player Education Consultant
Tom Renney, (Hockey Canada) Coaches Code of Conduct
Jeff Beck, (Special Events Advisor) Events and Properties
Steve McAllister, (HipCheck Media) Media and Communications Strategies
Charla Flett, (AJHL) Media and Communications Strategies

In addition, the Player Safety Committee, under the chairmanship, of former NHL Official and current CJHL director of officiating, Brad Lazarowich, will oversee player safety initiatives, while building and maintaining an ongoing introspective web source for commissioners and directors of officiating, to access current information and trends on rule changes and disciplinary undertakings as well as assist in game safety and management.